Before 2009 when PMHB was formed, the majority of the band, apart from Steve, all played hockey together for old Bristolian's Hockey Club.  Steve was being a cool surfer dude on the Pembrokeshire coast while the rest of us were pretending to look useful with a hockey stick and trying not to go outwitted or outrun by some  opposition team full of teenagers on speed.  Out of this was born a great friendship and Nick, Pete and Greg moved into a flat together in Bristol where probably after some cider induced night out and several jamming sessions, we decided to start a band.  We roped in Susie, Andy and Mike from OB's and some surfer dude mate of Pete's who could drum.  The name, how do you name a band?  Again, probably after a load more ciders, it was obvious!! Peter Mouse's House Band as Pete's mum called him Peter Mouse and this was his house, (actually flat) and we were a band...  Greg's amazing suggestion of 'Porn Star Rejects' was well, rejected.


The band idea got off to a start and our first real gig as a band was our friend Toria's mini festival in a garden on the Somerset/Devon border.  Everyone will remember this night from certain people falling into a river...  People seemed to like us and as time went on, mostly through word of mouth, we started to pick up and ever increasing amount of gigs varying from birthdays, Halloween parties to formal weddings where we had to be good.  In time, we became more polished and professional and importantly more confident playing in front of lively audiences and with each other. 



The last nine years have been a lot of fun and we've met some great people along the way. We have been privileged to have been part of some very special moments and we are very lucky to be supported by our friends and groupies. 


A massive honour and highlight for us at PMHB was when we were asked to play a wedding gig in Corsica. This makes us international, fact.